December 6, 2010

Bees wax collages

 Found an old Sears and Robuck's Catalog from 1900 and was very inspired.

December 5, 2010

My "From Scratch" Pillows

So here are some of my new pillows.... I've been wanting to do this for a long time but are swamped with my Novel Series "The Sansarian Scripts". I'm afraid I will have to focus on one thing at a time. Just wanted to share these with you. I hope soon to take special orders of your loved ones portrait and change them in to a pillows.

July 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt for Art Supplies

old credit card or gift card
plastic drink caps or jar lids of various sizes
small bubble wrap
sand paper or emery board
cool napkins with images
coregated cardboard
old black and white photos
masking tape
misting bottle
wide tooth com
wall spackle
old crayons
empty coffee can
white egg cartons
a National Geographic
baby wipes
old plastic placemat

July 9, 2010

Photoshop Official Dates

Mondays Only!

#1 Workshop July   5-Painting over Photos with digital brushes
#2 Workshop July 12-Portraits and Photo retouching 
#3 Workshop July 19-Digital Collage and photo manipulation
#4 Workshop July 26-Blogs, Vlogs and Movie Maker

Sign up for one or all!!


June 22, 2010

#2 Update: Photoshop Workshop for July

Photoshop Workshop will start the Week of July 5th.
Monday or Tuesday- 5:30 to 7:30
1st class:  July 5 or 6th
2nd class: July 12 or 13th
3rd class: July 19 or 20
4th class: July 26 or 27

If you pay in advance with paypal you will receive the option to alternate days as need be and come to extra classes just to practice and explore! This would help me get a good solid head count! The cost for all four classes is $100. Remember you can also choose just a few for $25 a class if that works better I just need the commitment before I leave New York.

PayPal Instructions: Sign into your Paypal account and send payment to the email address:

Please Sign Up: by emailing me with the dates you are coming and your phone number. My email is

June 8, 2010

Create one of these in My Art and Wine Workshops summer 2010

Lazy Days of Summer 
Art and Wine Workshops
given by LeAnne Iverson

Hey guys, Im looking for a small group of  8 to 12 women interested in getting together once a week in July and Aug. to get creative and learn some new art/craft skills. The workshops would run with instruction for two hours and then I’m hoping that everyone would stay longer and continue to create, talk, eat and have another glass of wine. ( Kind of like a modern day quilting B.) Im setting up the ideal creative enviroment in my moms back outdoor area where we will be shaded and blocked from wind and still see the sunset over the ocean off in the distance. There will be music playing and you can bring your own wine or favorite drink. If I get the workshop filled then I will also serve edible delictables. The workshop will meet for four classes…one each week.  You could sign up for all or just one. I plan on making this the place to be if you need the excuse for some personal expression time or girly time. The techniques we will be learning can be for the novice artist or the experienced crafter so no need for any stress. Hopefully it will light your creative fire and the memories of Summer 2010 will be set in Art.   

Digital Art Photoshop Workshops
I’ve had many people ask me to put together a Photoshop Workshop as well. You will have to have your own laptop for this. I will have the program available for use if you don’t already have it. This is the kind of program where you really do need someone to hold your hand and once you’ve got the basics then sky’s the limit.
At the end of the workshops you will be able to create a digitally painted artwork, professionally “correct” a Self- Portrait, make a Digital Collage and open your own Blog. We will explore:
            Digital cameras
            Scanner art    
            Print settings and paper options
            Blogs and Vlogs
            Flicker online Albums
            Windows Movie Maker/Imovie
            Youtube Channel subscriptions

Mixed Media Art Workshops
In this series I will introduce many new art materials to play with and  show you how to mix then to create great backgrounds, textures and visual candies in the world of Mixed Media Art.  We will work through weekly challenges and explore new ideas in how paint, pencil, ink, paper and fabric relate to each other. Over the four weeks we will be creating An Art Journal, Artist Trading Cards, a Funky Self Portrait and a Memory Box. We will do this by exploring:
            Ink Sprays
            Sparkling H2o”s
            Water Soluable Oil Pastels
            Chaulks/ eye makeup
            Gel Image Transfering
            Citrasolv and National Geographics
            Bubble wrap, Beeswax and molding paste texturing techniques
            Embossing, scrapping and gold leafing
            Smoke, shoe polish and candy wrappers for Art
            Acrylic and Alcohol

Time: Once a week through Summer  
4 Photoshop Workshops that will start the beginning of July.
4 Mixed Media Art Workshops will be start in the beginning of August.  The day and time of day still needs to be determined. 
Cost: The cost  is 25$ per two hour workshop with an option to hang out longer if the juices are truly flowing. I suggest taking all four classes because there will be a certain amount of knowledge that we will continue to build from.
Where? In an outdoor room overlooking the oak trees and gardens of my Moms house in Santa Barbara. Rancho San Antonio Neighborhood.
Who will be our fearless leader? LeAnne Iverson who is coming to Santa Barbara for the summer of 2010. She is an Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist from New York. Check out her Flicker Account.
Supplies: I will providing most of the supplies but if you plan on extending this experience into your daily life then I will create a variety of supply lists that you may not be able to live without.

Digital Art and Photoshop Workshop Series in July
#1 Painting over Photos with digital brushes
#2 Portraits and Photo retouching
#3 Digital Collage and photo manipulation
#4 Blogs, Vlogs and Movie Maker
Mixed Media Art Workshop Series in August
#1 Art Journaling
#2 Artist Trading Cards/Greeting Cards     
#3 Self Portraits/Funky Landscapes           
#4 Altered Art and Found Object Assemblage         

June 5, 2010

Art and Wine Workshops

Lazy Days of Summer
Art and Wine Workshops
By LeAnne Iverson
I dreamt of my perfect day. A day just sittin’ around a big, out door table with a bunch of women, drinkin’ wine and makin’ art. The weather is yawning and world music has taken the roots of the old oak trees and bougainvillea to another place and time. The sun is setting and there is no place I’d rather be then right here. Laid out on the table is a banquet of colors, textures and little tools. I don’t know what to feast on first. It’s a smorgasbord of old patterns,  intriqueing images and objects of desire.  I start feel the tension of not knowing what to do and that tired feeling of “if I do something it will look like ____________.”(Fill in with a negative word of your choice.)  A gentle voice comes… (one I know…and think is quite funny and often entertaining) to guide me through this world of creative exploration. I become engaged and my mind floods with possibilities and imagination.  I’m in my very happy place (no not that happy place the other happy place and no more wine for you!) An Art challenge is given where I have nothing better to do then to dive right in. Everyone else is in and they are laughing and getting messy so I give it a whirl and pour myself another glass of wine. I feel safe that my instructor will make me look good and show me some tricks of the trade. I will be at peace with my process and I will have created something that didn’t exist before. Now I have made memory out of what could have been another average day.
(Oh yeah…. I forgot ….. And then at the end of this perfect day everyone would love it so much and be so thankful to have this perfect day organized that they would give me $25!) Ha! 
If this is your perfect day....sign up with me!

An excuse to sit around and talk.
An excuse to play around with art materials and techniques.
An excuse to drink wine probably a little too early in the day.
A place to relax and not have to set up or clean up.
A place to make a mess and learn some life lasting skills.
A place to be out doors and just be in the moment of creation.
See you in SB…LeAnne

More info to follow....