November 12, 2009

More Christmas cards

Original scan of Three Kings

Cant decide which one I like better!!

Three Kings Card

I created most of this a year ago... and stopped because my husband said the kings looked "too" feminine. What do you think. It is a very tender moment.....what do I know Im a girl.

November 9, 2009

Well another project in the midst but this one is my Daughters Lip Product Line. It is on Etsy. Stop on by and support her college fund. she is only 11 so you can imagine what she is learning. Her Store is called or email her at If you dont want to register to be a member of Etsy just email her with what you saw that you liked.
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October 26, 2009

Our front Door.

The kids dont think its cool. They'd love a picket fence and a small house with a front and back yard. But that still scares me. Our loft is awesome and spacious with just enough doors to slam. It is an inspiration for some one like me who really needs ceiling space for ideas to float.

My Sons room... yes it was inspired by him!

Deck card Project

A card a week for 52 weeks and I'm already behind. Here is the first one.The  The Theme was PRETEND.

A painting a finished over the summer. I love peacocks and hope to do a series of these.

Okay here is the start.... even with the water stain... that is the challenge.

Axells ABC book

Okay so my son needs to learn his ABC's so Ive got this blank book who just so happens to be 26 pages so I though we would just make some art. So structure.... collage, paint, illustration... give the book to others for them to take a letter and do what ever they want and Id do some... my older children, husband, grandma..and see what happens... I thought even if we ran across some interesting things in the streets that arent letters but look like letters well we'd take a photo and add that to the book. Here's a picture of the front cover... cat spilled the water cup on it so we well have to change that into art too.

September 15, 2009