March 25, 2011

Art Instigations Journal that I am writing.

Art Doodleing prompts with loads of teacher edition ideas....and simple techniques that can be done with simple supplies. This solves the question "I don't know what to draw?" that plaques us all. Just a fun art journal created in heavy stock paper so mixed media can be done right in and over the instigation. This is still being worked on as my classes are the guinea pigs.
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Flashcards Game "An Apple through History's Art" that I'm designing.

An Apple through Histories do we learn about things through art. Every art movement is rooted is a drive to understand our world. These are some flash cards I've designed to teach how we have come about understanding the apple...via art movements of the past. I'd like to get this published as well.
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Putting some examples together for the Teachers Edition of "Art Instigations"

Doing some examples for the students. And working on four types (completely different types of Art books at the same time. I'm so motivated but lack time energy and the ability to focus.
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