June 8, 2013

Offering Art and Carafe Mixed Media Workshops

We are here again with the lazy days of summer coming quick. Below is the Art and Carafe Outline for this years Mixed Media Workshops. Hope this year to have a few new students to add to the group of women who have gathered for... what is it the fourth year now? We have a blast and make some art too so sign up as soon as possible so we can get our creative juices flowing in Santa Barbara once again.

Mixed Media Painting- theme "Women from the Garden" 

Project: Complete a full body image of a women from the gardens on a 3x5 foot canvas or found blank piece of wood using acrylic, paper, and embellishments.
July 3rd- Start sketching in gardens and making patterns for body, face and background
July 10-Working with composition of found objects and blanks
July 17-Adding paper- scanned images, magazine texturing, separate drawings
July 24-Pulling together final piece


Fabric Sculpture- theme "Life Net Captured"

Project: Use personal and found objects in an abstract sculpture representing a certain mood or memory.Choose color, texture and final shape of art piece to enhance overall theme. Lots of freedom here!

July 31-Gather things that symbolize a memory or feeling and learn to see it as an abstract sculpture
Aug 7- Cut, sew, embroidery, bead, antique, mosaic and stain
Aug 14-Construct a wall hanging or free standing garden sculpture
Aug 21-Drink wine an discuss how fabulous or creativity was this summer.


Every Wednesday evening at 5:30 till the sun sets approx. three hours
Held in Santa Barbara,CA every week in July and Aug.  
Contact me for further information on facebook "LeAnne Iverson" or call me 646-369-7277.
Cost is $200 for entire 8 class workshop does not include Canvas but includes everything else.

March 7, 2013

Subway Portrait Doodle

This one I like. Depth, texture, color, and face is expressive.

Dont like this portrait

Colors didnt work...has no depth...not enough texture. I could try and "fix" her just to challenge my own ideas of what I like. Everybody has different preference of what they like. I haven't even seen any of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year! Get my drift!

Loosening up the portrait

Why I call these doodles is because when I call it art then it becomes too intentional. Focusing on spontaneous helps knew combinations to happen. I see it as loosening up and letting mistakes take the "doodles" in another unexpected and unplanable direction. You learn to let go of the outcome which is important for learning, discovering and grow....like life I suppose!

February 21, 2013

Subway series of portraits

Mixed media collection of facial features collected on my daily commute on the NYC subway.

Subway portrait series

Mixed media...spontaneous reaction to whats happening currently on paper. Subconscious approach.

January 10, 2013


Mixed media....brush markers, oil pastels water color, gel pens...white, black, silver....

Mixed media portrait subway series.

I used newspaper clippings, magazines, ink brush pen, white china marker, charcoal and water brush, water soluable crayons, oil pastels.

January 4, 2013

So workin out a New series

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