March 4, 2012

Some ideas for the future

It's Sunday and Im processing. I spend more time processing in my head life and all the details then creating these days. I want to blame it on a list of things:

Quality time with children
Alone time with husband
Cleaning and staying organized
Getting older with less energy
Lack of focus

But there has got to be a way.
I tried clearing the slate of art work to focus on writing....but I NEED to make things. Writing is putting down the same set of letters simply in different orders.....yes yes Im making a story....I know but their are no "pretty colors" (said in a delirious tone of voice). I hope a totally different approach to illustrating this novel will satisfy my internal needs. (Yes lets add a couple more years to this project.) Maybe this week as I continue to bask in the completion of chapter 23 and the end of her first mission....i will put together a concrete formula for this style of illustration. I wonder how expensive it is to have vellum sheets intertwined through out the regular reading pages? How about doodles and sketches on the borders of reading pages? Maybe a bit of research on the cost of printing llustrations in books would be my morning prep for there some focus!

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